Bink Link

Project: New brand creation and development

My role on this project focused on marketing for the new company and product launch. I focused on brand creation and development, promotion, and public relations.

Research: The company identified a unique market that was missing in the baby market. In Europe a very popular product is a pacifier holder that clips a pacifier to a baby’s clothing. While these products were widely distributed into the US and Canada, the designs did not appeal to Americans.

Target audience: Targeted new parents that appreciated unique, boutique inspired designs that they would not find at major chain stores like Babies R Us.

Mission: Even though design was important for the brand, we realized that since the product was used with babies, safety would be our main priority, followed by “fashionable and fun”.

Branding and design:

  • Logo and brand identity
  • Web design
  • Product design
  • Packaging
  • Counter display
  • Trade show booth and attendance (ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas and JMPA in Florida)
  • Catalog
  • Email

Public Relations: Through direct outreach and word of mouth, Bink Link was featured in the following media:

  • Blogs such as, CoolMomPicks, Not Martha, Celebrity Baby Blog, Popular Baby Products, Nested, Growing Your Baby, Shelterific, Babble, Apartment Therapy, Spilling the Beans, BabyLegs, Fred Flare, What’s Hot For Tots, Promotional distribution, The Business of Being Born
  • Print publications, Tot Trends Weekly, Pregnancy Magazine, Chicago Parent,, Pregnancy & Newborn, Earnshaws
  • Television, AM Northwest

Quickly grew to several hundred retail outlets in several countries.
Revenue and profits exceeded budgeted goals



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