TEN: The Enthusiast Network

In 2014 our company rebranded to TEN: The Enthusiast Network. I was part of the team that quickly reenvisioned our brand and how it would be represented digitally. The company had a rich history, strong brands (Motor Trend, Hot Rod, Surfer), and a large dedicated audience in video, print, and social.

As a committee member on the rebranding, I was assigned the Project Manager role digital marketing and the rebranding the company’s the digital presence. I was responsible for launching the new site and telling our story to our customers. In this role I worked across company departments to fulfill needs of each department while maintaining our overall goal to tell our story about content, brands, and audience.

Our main customer for the web was identified as new and existing advertisers and agencies who were looking for services or information about our brands and services.

Based on research and analytics we identified that there were several problems with our existing web site. The largest issue was that we failed to tell the story of our business and instead hid information in large complicated navigation structure. The site felt more like an industrial manufacturing company instead of an exciting media company. We failed to connect with the visitor.

We identified our audience as current and potential advertisers, and agencies who were looking for services or to reach out audience.

Solution: First and foremost we needed to communicate to our target audience the following messaging:

  • TEN has amazing content, in forms of video, print, and photography
  • The company has iconic brands that people trust
  • The brands have large, reachable, and active audience
  • The marketing teams has advanced advertising technologies that can target and reach out audience
  • The content creators create amazing custom content through our creative agency

Due to the focus on mobile we chose to tell this story on a single large home page. Through exciting graphics and imagery we could highlight each of these features of TEN.


  • We executed the new launch on a very quick time and was on budget.
  • The new branding and site was well received by new and existing clients.
  • According to stakeholders within the company, visitors found information they needed directly through the web site.
  • Though we continued to improve and make small improvements, we were successful in achieving our goals for a long period of time.



Here is the old Source Interlink Media site:
old sim site




TEN: The Enthusiast Network