Garage FRS

A multi-year campaign site featuring custom content for the launch and first Release Series version of the Scion FR-S.

Our team partnered with Scion and leveraged the knowledge and credibility of the most trusted and recognized brands in the tuner world to take the design and performance of the Scion FR-S to the next level. Through a combination of editorial and custom content creation, TEN showcased the FR-S platform as a “rolling canvas” on which the transformation to extraordinary performance and innovative design occurred.

The Build
Super Street, Import Tuner, and Modified collectively contributed to a customized build of the FR-S, with each brand providing modifications based on their specific strengths and provided editorial content. Each modification relied on the participation of our users engaging with the voting system through the microsite. Thirty percent of the overall gross impressions were due to user interaction. The finished Project FR-S was unveiled both online via the content hub and through various social media channels. Today, the content hub continues to live and grow organically.
*Received an honorable mention for 2013 MinOnline Integrated Marketing Awards for Total Integrated Program: Auto.

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