Popular Plates

I launched a successful series celebrating food called Popular Plates.   The content was unique in that the content was distributed in all available media channels, including:

  1. Print – high quality bookazine format that won a Maggie award for best Special Interest  magazine
  2. Web – web site was nominated for best Consumer Site
  3. Apple Books
  4. Digital magazine
  5. Kindle edition

The series featured the amazing work of Jane & Michael Stern.  Some issues featured the concept of easy recipes from top chefs.  Over about a year we did many issues celebrating pizza, BBQ, diners, spicy food, route 66, comfort food, and seasonal recipes.+

Research: at the time I worked for a company which also owned a print distribution company.  With this ownership came a rich data set which allowed me the ability to pinpoint trends on the product and retail level.  Research indicated that similar to successful television series, there was high demand for content in two areas.  First content that celebrated american restaurants that survived despite expansion of chains and contributed to American culture was highly sought.  Second, recipes that originated from the recent explosion of celebrity chefs on TV were also in high demand.

I managed the following areas in these launches:

  • Themes and content
  • Project mangament of editors, designers, and production
  • Brand identity
  • Product design
  • Packaging
  • Distribution

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