Project: Techron Stories

Client: Techron Concentrate Plus

My role in this project was strategy, project management, and account management.

Research: We worked closely with the client directly to find a solution to their largest challenge.  Because Techron is often sold as an additive added directly to fuel sold in stations, there is confusion on how the bottled version of the product can benefit customers.

Target audience: The target audience was identified as drivers of older vehicles or collected cars. Using Techron Concentrate Plus to these vehicles can dramatically improve performance.

Mission: Re-educate past users of TCP to the benefits of the product.  Design a campaign that reached influencers and encourage them to share testimonials on how the product help them and their vehicles’s performance.

Approach: We created a hub to educate and collect testimonials.  Those testimonials were also shareable.  We used the email lists and social networks from our automotive enthusiast brands to reach the target audience. Even though we provided nominal prizes to enter the contest, we obtained an amazing amount of entries.  The testimonials were then used throughout the brand’s advertising for the year.  Client was thrilled.